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French Living in Toronto - Forest Hill versus the Annex

French Living in Toronto - Forest Hill versus the Annex

4 Montclair Avenue

This new reno has 5+1 bedrooms, NINE bathrooms and floor plans.  I love floor plans.  Especially with confusing pictures like these.

From the front you can't tell but this house is over 6,000 feet plus the basement and nanny suite, all at the end of a dead end.  Sounds pretty good!

And it should for $5,590,000!!

This is one of the homes making up the $173,402,000 worth of real estate that was for sale in Forest Hill 2 weeks ago.  With so much on the market, is this worth it?

I think the front of the house is nice but a little over the top in a trying to be really subtle kind of way. But it is hard to be subtle with so many columns...  And the interior furniture is just too literal if that is the right way to say it.  Mix it up at bit, you know?  There is even a bust in the library!  Really?

Otherwise, I really like this house.  I love the fireplace in the kitchen...with a little change in the furniture, this place could be great.

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138 Bedford Road

Not loving the front of this house in the Annex but I am kind of into the marble floors on the first floor.

I feel like this house did French what-ever-it-is a lot better than the other house.  This one seems a little more authentic.  Maybe it is just the double doors into the kitchen...

This house has just as many bedrooms (minus the nanny suite) and only 7 bathrooms but the lot size is basically the same, both have the same depth of 141 feet but this lot is 6 feet narrower at 50 feet.

I prefer this house.  The kitchen is a little too blue and I am not crazy about all the bedrooms minus the master being on the third floor not to mention the 80s vibe I am getting from the whole place...

I just find the inside to be more friendly.

Oh, and it is $1,140,000 cheaper!!

This house is listed at $4,450,000.  And closer to Yorkville, shops and restaurants...if you are into that.

Much better buy even though there will be no street hockey happening here.

75 Ashdale Avenue vs. 874 Eastern Avenue - LESLIEVILLE

75 Ashdale Avenue vs. 874 Eastern Avenue - LESLIEVILLE

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