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250 Rusholme Road - DUFFERIN GROVE

250 Rusholme Road - DUFFERIN GROVE

This large house on a great street in Dufferin Grove is currently for sale.

But........can we first talk about the fact the the house just to the south of it was listed 3 years ago for $1,100,000!!!!?!!!!!

Either that place was in HUGE disrepair or went for WAY over asking because there is no way that is a $1.1M house in May of 2012.  (UPDATE:  this would cost $1.8 now even without renos.)  


 we are talking about 250 Rusholme, the house just to the north.  UPDATE*: it is currently listed at $2,200,000, which is a very good price.

It is a 5 bedroom, 5 bathroom house.  It has a huge driveway and a huge 60 x 150 lot with a west facing garden.

The outside looks like it needs a little bit of attention but the inside is done.

I don't have a lot of good things to say about the gingham floor in the front hall and kitchen with the matching 'linen' painted drawers (maybe it is just the pulls), or the railing on the stairs, but I love everything else!

Those windows are irreplaceable.  

The blue and white tile in the breakfast room is incredible.

Forget 63 Wells Hill Casa Loma!!!!!!!!!!

I am moving here.


Siamese cats freak me out.

*thanks to the commenter who pointed out that I forgot to mention the price of this house.

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