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154 Rhodes Avenue - LESLIEVILLE

154 Rhodes Avenue - LESLIEVILLE

You might not like the style of the front of this house but considering that this is what it used to look like...

It is a HUGE improvement.  I can't believe they were able to save those cedars!

This is the Globe and Mail architectural feature for this week.

The author seems to like the light of the house but not a lot more.  There isn't a lot of praise and he complains that there is only one washroom upstairs.  In a house this size, I don't see what the problem is with that.  There is no first floor washroom but there is a good one in the basement.

He also complains about the tiny window in the middle bedroom.  I have to agree with him here.  They didn't put the window along the wall looking into the the neighbour's house.  Instead, they cut into the house.  That is actually an interesting idea for privacy from the neighbours but it is quite dark.  And it looks directly into the window of the washroom!

And what's up with the pea gravel and mulch backyard?

Other than that, I really like this house!  If you get migraines, it wouldn't be ideal with that massive skylight but it is a pretty great feature.  I like the blue tile a lot.  I love the stairs.  I like the wood colour.  I love all the closet doors...

The G&M article stated yesterday that this place was listed at $800,000.  

It is actually listed at $699,000.  As the G&M Editor's note now says, 'An earlier online version of this story and the original newspaper version quoted the architect's estimate of what the home would eventually list for.'


Looks like someone wants a bidding war!

The house is great but the neighbourhood isn't.  I think $800,000 here is a tough sell.  Unless  the architects plan to buy the neighbours and fix it up too...

I think they should expect asking, maybe a little more but not $800,000.

Then again, the place at 55 Rhodes sold for $685,000...

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