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80 Bedford Road - ANNEX

80 Bedford Road - ANNEX

This is a 4+2 bedroom, 8 bathroom detached house on a 50 x 141 foot lot in the Annex.

I am not sure when it happened but this house that was built in 1889 had a reno on the kitchen and what looks like a bit of an addition plus a redo of the basement.  The style is not for me at all but I am sure it will be for someone.  It actually reminds me of a huge Muskoka cottage kitchen instead of a downtown Toronto kitchen.

No idea how much a kitchen of this size would cost to paint but the cabinets are great just the way they are if they were painted grey with white painted brick.  Something like this...

But I know the grey isn't for everyone.

From the outside, this house reminded me of the Cabbagetown house that I posted in July at 297 Carlton.

But inside, it is very different.  Though this house is dark, it is not nearly as dark as the Cabbagetown house. Or as decorated!  What is with that slip covered couch in the living room!?!  That is pretty boring though functional.

Wait......I am looking at the photos again......is this a flip? 

That has to be flip furniture.

Maybe I am wrong but this house is a hodge podge.

The Cabbagetown house was initially listed at $4,900,000 in October 2010.  The price was dropped 5 times until the last price of $3,999,000 in June 2012.  It is no longer listed but I don't think it ever sold.

This house is listed at $4,380,000.

Both houses had coach houses and big backyards....

Still, this will take a while to find the right buyer.

PS. Is it me or is that a painting of the annoying phone guy having a nap?

SOLD - 279 Strathallen Woods - CARIBOU PARK

SOLD - 279 Strathallen Woods - CARIBOU PARK

44 Munro Park Avenue - BEACHES

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