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226 Douglas Drive - ROSEDALE

226 Douglas Drive - ROSEDALE

This is a 5+1 bedroom, 5 bathroom home on a 62.25 x 235 foot lot in Rosedale.

That is a really good sized lot but this house doesn't look large from the front though it is very welcoming.

Inside, the style isn't for me but it could easily be updated with new paint.  I am not crazy about the floors but with different furniture, it might be good.  I am also not a fan of the stainless steel counter top but if you want to replace that, you would have to replace the sink too as it is all one piece.   I would want to change the back splash as well.  Not loving that.  The kitchen is in great shape and the cabinets are good.  With new carrera marble counters, a herring bone carrera back splash and new hardware...

Something like this...

Or this....

This could be a whole new kitchen.

Not sure why there is outdoor patio furniture in the kitchen though....and I am not loving the tiled family room with the stone wall.  I am assuming the floors are heated but that would not be a cozy room in the winter.

Upstairs, the house is great but the bathrooms need updating.  There are interesting built in closets in the master but those could be painted.

The backyard is amazing.  It is huge, has a good sized pool (though that deck might need to be redone soon), there is a pool house with change rooms, and there is a large area of grass for the kids to play on.

This house is listed at $3,200,000.

It needs some work (probably at least $100,000 worth...if your going to spend that much on a house, you might as well make it right) but for that price....

Would you rather live here for $3,200,000 (plus whatever you want to spend on renos and curtains for the kitchen)...... 

Or at the flip on the 80 x 49 foot lot at 116 Glen Road for $3,280,000.......

Or the 3 bedroom house around the corner at 176 Glen Road for $3,150,000.

For me, even though it is about $400,000 overpriced, this house is clearly the winner! 

There is so much potential!

438 Sumach Street - CABBAGETOWN

438 Sumach Street - CABBAGETOWN

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