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132 Yarmouth Road - CHRISTIE PITS*

132 Yarmouth Road - CHRISTIE PITS*


I have to admit, when a reader (thanks Jason!) sent this in and said you had to have a name starting with 'S' to live in this house, it took me a while....

Then I realized, it was staring me right in the face.

Did they not see the giant 'S' at the front of the house when they drew out the plans!?!

Would you rather have your house have a giant 'S' on the front or would you rather it look like a storm trooper?  I can't decide.

It's hard to get a feel of this house from the photos.  It sits on a 20 x 116 foot lot so it is a good size.  There are 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, and a detached 2 car garage.

If this is your style, it ticks all the boxes.  The glass wall, the white walls, a rain shower, clean lines...except for that bottom stair.....

Is $1,195,000 too much in this neighbourhood for an only 3 bedroom house?  It might be.  I think if this were 4 bedrooms it would be a steal.  It would be a house you could move into with a family and not have to leave for a long time.  With only 3 bedrooms, it could get outgrown fast.

It has been listed since November 16.

Before it was torn down, this house was listed a year ago for $648,800 before it was dropped to $563,800.

Clearly they are trying to make a profit here but when you consider that a smaller semi with no parking a few streets over at 41 Palmerston Gardens just sold for $876,000, this price might not be so crazy.

Maybe $1,130,000 makes more sense....but there is still that only 3 bedroom issue and Palmerston was a nicer street.

Oh, and there's this...

Maybe $1,099,000.

*corrected to reflect that this house is located in Christie Pits, not Seaton Village.

383 Albany Avenue - CASA LOMA

383 Albany Avenue - CASA LOMA

And it went for....

And it went for....