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11 Lowther Avenue - ANNEX

11 Lowther Avenue - ANNEX

For some reason, there is no listing shot of the front of this 4+1 bedroom, 7 bathroom semi so here is the Google streetview shot from May 2012...

So, clearly, this is a flip.

It has been listed since September for $4,195,000.

And it is clearly the same owner as the house for rent at 62 Hazelton Avenue that I posted this morning.

I haven't posted this house before because that kitchen just makes me angry (and I swear it was in some local papers too but I can only find the story from the Vancouver Sun and the Montreal Gazette).  

I like this house.  I don't like the kitchen but I like the house.

So when I saw the Hazelton house and all the similarities, I decided to finally post this place.

It has the same ornate crown moulding as 62 Hazelton.  It has basically the same stairs, the same floors (which I really like), the same French doors (which I also like), the same fireplaces, the same ceiling lamps, the same living room rug, dining room chairs, art (the guys eating sushi or whatever it is they are doing), the same bedside tables.....

Clearly, it is the same owner. 

But I think this is priced to high.   I like it but they shouldn't have put the kitchen near those amazing French doors.  The family room area should be there.  And what happens if you don't want to keep your dishes in the bottom drawer....of if you don't eat pasta but the drawers a labelled with etching in the wood?   That would make me nuts.

And for a house this price, I think the back deck should not be a deck but a patio made of stone.

This house is a VERY nice house but it has problems.  They are problems that some could over look but for that price, it would be pretty hard.

This house was last listed at $2,539,000 in April 2009.  Do you think they put over $1 million into it?  I don't.

This house will sit for a long time unless the owners are willing to accept a price that is a good 15% lower (that kitchen!).

Or they could rent this out as well for $17,500/month!!

PS.  Are those birds sitting at the front door windows?  What is it!?!  It's giving me the creeps.

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