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30 St. Andrews Gardens - ROSEDALE

30 St. Andrews Gardens - ROSEDALE

I think I want to meet the person who has been living in this house for the past (at least) 30 years.

They definitely have personality!

And a lot of Eames chairs!

Look at those floor lamps in the dining room.  I love those.

There is a lot going on in this house.  The layout seems a bit odd and this house hasn't been touched for a LONG time.

But it could be great.

As the listing says, this house is '

Perfect For Renovation Project-Create Your Dream Home'.

Currently, this house is 6 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and it sits on a 40 x 120 foot lot.  There is a one car garage and though the listing says there is only parking for 1 car, I think a car can be parked in the drive in front of the garage as well...

It sits on a quiet street (at least at the front of the house) and many of the neighbouring houses are being bought and renovated.

 It is listed at $1,799,000.

That is $99,000 more than the house 3 doors down at 36 St. Andrews was listed for almost a year and a half ago but I think this house is slightly larger.

Like 36 St. Andrews and the house right beside this house....

This lot has room for a full addition.

This house is an opportunity to get onto a great street.  If you are up for the renovation, this house is definitely worth the price.

It won't sit for long and will probably sell closer to $1,850,000.

147 Withrow Avenue - RIVERDALE

147 Withrow Avenue - RIVERDALE

RELIST/PRICE DROP - 138 Lyndhurst Avenue - CASA LOMA

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