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71 Balmoral Avenue - YONGE AND ST. CLAIR

71 Balmoral Avenue - YONGE AND ST. CLAIR

Almost exactly a year ago, I posted a house at 243 Rose Park Drive in Moore Park.

This is it...

Can you believe it!?!  It is the exact same house!

(thanks again to Greg for pointing that out!)

Inside, they are basically the same except the Moore Park had a more traditional bannister and kitchen and it didn't have the hideous faux brick walls.  Why did they do that in this house!?!

These houses have the exact same third floor bathroom though (except for the marble).

Bathroom from 243 Rose Park...

Bathroom from 71 Balmoral...

And the curtains are the same.

243 Rose Park curtains...

71 Balmoral curtains...

Clearly, they flipped Rose Park then moved in here for the requisite year to avoid capital gains costs and are now selling this place.

Rose Park was listed at $3,380,000.  I thought that was a lot and that it should be listed at $2,900,000.

It sold for $3,175,000 after 49 days on the market.

This house, though not too far away from the other house, is a shorter walk to the subway, is a short walk to the Summerhill shops, and even not too far from Yorkville (if that's your thing).  But this isn't really a family neighbourhood.  Plus, this street is really busy, especially at rush hour.

But with 4+1 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, parking for 4 cars, and a large backyard on a 35.58 x 107 foot lot, this is kind of built for a family.   Though I suppose it could be for a family with teenagers.

This house is listed at $3,995,000.

This location my be a bit more central, but really, it isn't that far from the other house.

The kitchen, elevator, and staircase may be different...

But that faux brick!

There is no way this house is selling for $820,000 more than its twin in Moore Park.

Maybe $3.35...TOPS.


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