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SOLD - 113 Delaware Avenue - DUFFERIN GROVE

SOLD - 113 Delaware Avenue - DUFFERIN GROVE

This is a 5 bedroom, 2 bathroom semi on a 23.75 x 143.67 foot lot with 2 laneway parking spaces.

It could be move right in but could also definitely use some work.  The kitchen and bathrooms are fine but are just a little dated.  And the basement isn't finished.

There is air conditioning but the unit is right in the backyard.  That isn't great if you want to sit out there.  Not to mention that there isn't really a fence here.  Some might be into that but I think it needs a good fence.

This house was listed at $949,000.

It is a lot of house and could be amazing so there was no way it was going to not go over.  And in fact, it did go over...

By 29%!!

This house sold for $1,221,000.

Is that crazy!?!

Well, considering that Suzanne Dimma's house that was a duplex but was detached and was DONE didn't sell for $1,650,000, I am kind of surprised.  But I think I am more surprised that her house didn't sell more so than I am that this went for the price that it did.  But according to her Canadian House and Home posts, she decided to stay, get rid of the basement apartment and make it a home office.  Maybe that is why it was taken off the market.

So, when the kitchen in the house is done, the bathrooms, the basement, the fence, perhaps the floors....is this a $1,500,000 house?


But it is a pretty great piece of property, with parking....

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385 Clinton Street - CHIRSTIE PITS

385 Clinton Street - CHIRSTIE PITS

And it went for....(UPDATE)

And it went for....(UPDATE)