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AND IT WENT FOR - 98 Moore Avenue - MOORE PARK

AND IT WENT FOR - 98 Moore Avenue - MOORE PARK

The Cornish Flippers (apparently) have sold their house!

On Monday, I posted this 4+1 bedroom, 5 bathroom semi on a 26.17 x 144 foot lot at 98 Moore Avenue in Moore Park.

It's a good house, in a good family neighbourhood and it is move right in.

Only thing is that unlike the actual flips done by the Cornish Flippers, this one wasn't completely done.  The first floor is like their other flips.  Basically the same floors, the open-ish layout, the kithen...

Except the upstairs isn't fully done.  The floors don't match, the doors are all different, and the bathroom doesn't look new.

But this is still a good family house.

It was listed at $1,549,000.

Considering that the first flip I noticed at 22 Cornish Road around the corner sold for $1,410,000 about a year and a half ago, and the market has been going up by roughly 10%...

I thought this place could sell for $1,635,000.

Or 16% higher than Cornish.

Instead, it sold...

For $1,549,000.

Or 10% higher than Cornish.

Considering that the second floor isn't done, that is pretty good!

And considering that it is Friday, it makes sense that my math could be wrong.  But what happened to my math on Monday!?!  I need a calculator.

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