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170A Markham Street - LITTLE ITALY

170A Markham Street - LITTLE ITALY

Two years ago, I posted a house at 49 Brookfield Street in Beaconsfield Village.

It had been totally transfored from a house that looked like this...

To this...

Though the outside looked kind of stark compared to the houses on either side, it was a huge improvement.

And inside, I loved it.  I have actually mentioned it many times since, but most recently in the post for 212 Crawford Street that sold just over 2 weeks ago.

I had suggested that if you wanted to update that kitchen, it could look something like the Brookfield kitchen...

Well, if you were like me and loved Brookfield, you are in luck.

Yesterday, the builder of this house emailed me to tell me he has completed another house and it is currently on the market.

And I love it!  Almost as much as Brookfield.

That window in the living room is amazing (but are there blinds?)!!!!

The floor is great, I like the kitchen, they used that green sofa (which I love) from the kitchen at Brookfield in the dining room here.  They did the same open stairs (if you are worried about kids pets, you can always add plexiglass risers, probably not cheap but worth the piece of mind) and those railings that I love.  And they even reused this thing...

The third floor master bath is amazing.  The master has 2 good sized walk-in closets.  The room is bright.

The basement isn't huge but is still a good size with a full wall of starge.

And this...

I am assuming that is for a kitty litter and it is great idea.

The bedrooms on the second floor are a good size with a good bathroom.  The only problem is that one of the bedrooms has no windows to the outside like the house at 237 Lytton Boulevard and overlooks the living room like one of the rooms at 68 Dovercourt Road.

Plus, the living space is a long hallway walk away from the backyard (I'm guessing that is where the attached house stairs to the basment are located).

But this is a terrific house with an amazing living space.  And a garage!

It is a listed at $1,279,000.

Even though it is clear that there is another smaller first floor and basment unit (which at first I thought was a rental unit for this house until I saw the split backyards), I am not sure what is going on with this part of the listing...

**This Property Will Be Registered As One Part Of A Two Unit Condominium**

Because I see no condo fees on the listing.

Though this house is sold as 3 bedrooms, I really think it would work better as a 2 bedroom with an office. 

So, is this essentially 2+1 bedroom house condo with a garage worth $1,279,000?

Yes.   Maybe more.

If 49 Brookfield Street, a row house (though larger with more bedrooms) that backs onto all the restaurants on Ossington, can sell for $1,265,000 two years ago...

This will probably sell around $1,365,000...maybe even $1.389,000 (depending on that possible condo situation).


(Note: This is not a paid post.  I just really like it.)

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