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62 Roxborough Drive - ROSEDALE

62 Roxborough Drive - ROSEDALE

This is a 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom house on a 38.7 x 175 foot lot with one parking spot at 62 Roxborough Drive.

Two years ago, I referenced it when talking about the neighbour on the right at 64 Roxborough Drive.

That house was a 4 bedroom, 5 bathroom house and it was listed at $2,649,000.

I mentioned that compared to this house, that house was a much better place, but that the price was too high.  It eventually sold for $2,575,000.

At the time, this house had recently been listed and I think sold for close to $1.6.  Considering that I said that the neighbour was a much better house, my guess is that the current owners did a lot of work....

Because as it is now, I really it!

It isn't huge, especially with those sloped ceilings on the third floor, but the floor themselves, the closets/built-ins, and the bathrooms are all great.

But, it isn't selling.

It was first listed in May for $1,939,000.  For some reason, the next day, they raised the price to $1,949,000.

Two weeks later, the price was down to $1,895,000.  Still no sale and as of yesterday, the price is down again.

The new asking price is $1,795,000.

Assuming they did a bunch of work to this place and that it sold for $1.6 two years ago, this price doesn't seem unreasonable.

Thing is, it really isn't a 4 bedroom house.  It is more of a 3+1 bedroom house.

And it isn't very big.

But now, between this house and the neighbour?

I am choosing this house.


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