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183 Confederation Road - GOLFDALE GARDENS

183 Confederation Road - GOLFDALE GARDENS

Two years ago, I posted this 3+1 bedroom, 2 bathroom house on a 100.15 x 50 foot lot at 183 Confederation Road in Scarborough.

A reader sent it in, and when I did some googling, I realized that it was designed by the same designer behind the Barrie house at 2000 Strathallen Woods...

And it turns out that the architect, Harry B. Kohl, was also the man behind the old Hwy 401 service stations...

Two years ago, this house was listed at $469,000.

It sold for $475,000.

At the beginning of July, it was on the market again...

For $619,000.

And they are calling it a 2+2 bedroom house.  But considering that it is mostly all the same furniture, I am a little confused.  Did the current buyers buy the furniture from the old buyers or did this sale never go through almost 2 years ago?

Either way, a 30% price increase in less than 2 years!?!

I don't think so.  Which is probably the reason there was a just a price drop...

To $599,000.

And it's now only 26% higher!!!

This will see another drop.


57 Highland Avenue - ROSEDALE

57 Highland Avenue - ROSEDALE

SOLD - 21 Pretoria Avenue - PLAYTER ESTATES

SOLD - 21 Pretoria Avenue - PLAYTER ESTATES