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211 Pearson Avenue - RONCESVALLES

211 Pearson Avenue - RONCESVALLES

This is a 5 bedroom, 3 bathroom house on a 28.08 x 120.58 foot lot at 211 Pearson Avenue in Roncesvalles.

The lot size is similar to the bungalow I posted earlier today at 184 Euclid Avenue in Trinity-Bellwoods that just sold for $1,080,000...

 But though that house was move right in, it was only 2+1 bedrooms.

This house is a large family home, but it needs a lot of work.  

If the Euclid house were to remain as a single family home, and especially if it gets converted into 2 'condos' like the Little Italy houses as 170 Markham Street and 170A Markham Street as a reader suggested...

My guess is that this house will still cost less to fix up, especially if they go with the condos at Euclid!

And once done, this could be a great family house.

The asking price is $19,000 more at $1,099,000.

Considering that a bungalow sold for almost $1.1, this doesn't seem crazy.

Except this house isn't as close to downtown.

But if the smaller Roncesvalles house on the same street at 141 Galley Avenue just sold for $900,000...

And if the gross house at 145 Galley Avenue sold for $803,649...

There is no reason this couldn't sell well above $1,000,000.

It's just that as it is now, there is no backyard with or without that sun porch, and that garage is going to need a full overhaul as well.  And if they were selling a house in this shape, why did the fix the basement?  That would make me nervous.

Plus, I would say the location isn't as good as the other Galley houses.

I think this will sell just under the ask of $1,099,000....maybe closer like $1,049,000.

Maybe less.

(thanks to all who sent this in!)


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