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9 Barton Road - ANNEX

9 Barton Road - ANNEX

This is a 4+1 bedroom, 5 bathroom house on a 25 x 150 foot lot at 9 Barton Avenue in the Annex with 2 front pad parking spots and a basement apartment.

According to the listing, it was renovated in 2009 by the owner (not sure if it is current) who was also an architect.

And though it is a good house, I don't think it is going to be for everyone.

It's a good looking house from the front, but I am not crazy about tall the trim colour.  I do love that they used a sputnik light on the front porch though.

Inside, it is bright and large and I love that light fixture in the living room.

I am a little confused about the kitchen and how all the cupboards open with that hood vent in the way. And for a house this size, some people are probably not going to be into that layout.  But it is kind of an interesting change to an open concept with an island.

The rooms upstairs are large.  The bathrooms are good.  I don't get the sunroom but that chair is kind of amazing.

Then there is the third floor.  It is NOT what I was expecting.  It's huge!!!  

And it reminds me a lot of the top floor of the 3 bedroom semi at 455 Euclid Avenue in Little Italy that was listed at $1,985,000 and sold for $2,025,000 in October...

The asking price for this house is $1,880,000.

And until I saw that third floor space, with some of the quirks of this house like the kitchen, the missing fence in the backyard, the odd sunrooms...

I thought this house was overpriced.

But it is a large house.  It has parking, an income unit, a good location....

And I think there will be someone who loves the kitchen.

I don't think this house will sit for long.  Just not sure it will sell right at ask.  Maybe somewhere closer to $1,825,000...

Unless they find someone who does't want to change a thing...

P.S. Love this airplane hanging from the vent hood...

AND IT WENT FOR - 9 Barton Road - ANNEX

AND IT WENT FOR - 9 Barton Road - ANNEX