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692 Manning Avenue - SEATON VILLAGE

692 Manning Avenue - SEATON VILLAGE

This is a 4+1 bedroom, 3 bathroom semi on a 17.5 x 128 foot lot at 692 Manning Avenue just north of Bloor in Seaton Village.

It's currently set up as 2 rental units.

And from the contents... 

I'm guessing it's student rentals.

But I could be wrong and it is actually this woman who lives in the basement...

  The upstairs is much larger than the basement.  But though this looks like a 3 story house from the outside (or potentially 3 stories), there is no stair access up to a 3rd floor.

There is a garage, but looks like it is falling apart.  The backyard is all concrete blocks.

Basically, the house needs a lot of work.

Two weeks ago, this house was listed at $889,900.

Considering that the 3 storey house at 455 Manning Avenue just south of Bloor in Palmerston that was a gutter and was listed at $749,900 only to sell for $1,035,000...

And considering that it is definitley bigger that the scary house at 829 Manning Avenue that was listed at $639,900 and sold for $629,000.

This price seems right priced right in the middle.

But it didn't sell.  And last week they raised the price...

To $899,900.

It is a pretty workable floor plan...

And a move in ready house at 439 Manning Avenue sold for $1,400,000 over a year ago...

Though it had a 3rd floor.

But I guess this house does seem to have new windows.  

Unfortunately they are white and vinyl.



SOLD - 163 1/2 Cambell Avenue - JUNCTION TRIANGLE

SOLD - 163 1/2 Cambell Avenue - JUNCTION TRIANGLE