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This is 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom converted 3,6000 square foot warehouse home on a 14 x 105 foot lot.

A reader, who may or may not be one of these people...

Sent it in saying 'it is pretty much my dreamhouse'.

The house itself is very interesting, but the location is a little too much for me.  It is steps to Dundas and perhaps a tad too close to the Toronto Western Hospital incinerator for me...

But if that isn't an issue for you, this is a pretty great place.

And I am really glad there is a floor plan because I could not figure out this layout AT ALL.

There is this door which goes to the the basement where there is an office and 2 bedrooms...

And there is this door that leads to the living room on the main floor...

But what is with the 2 staircases?  

I couldn't figure it out then realized one of the staircases goes up to the dining room...

Here is the floor plan...

As it is now, I don't really get it.  Considering the location, I can't see a family living here and a couple doesn't need the bedrooms in the basement.


If you wanted to, you could put up a solid wall where the 2 doors are into the dining room on the main floor and make this a duplex if it is too much space.  The kitchen for the lower unit could go in that dining room or in the office in the basement.

Then you could block off the laundry in the basement so that would belong to the upper 2 floors.

With not a lot of work, you could have two pretty decent sized condos.

Or leave it as is and just change up the furniture.

Because with different furniture, this place would look amazing.

Maybe something like this church conversion in Amsterdam...

The asking price is $1,550,000.  According to the reader who sent it in, it was listed at $1,600,000 in the summer.

So, with $100,000 to build a brick wall in the dining room and a new kitchen (and maybe a bit more for new bathrooms)....

Is this worth $1,700,000 as a duplex?

If the ice factory at 234 Browning Avenue in Playter Estates could sell for $1,285,000 in 2012...

I don't see why this couldn't sell for its current asking price.  

But I am thinking this will sell closer to $1,485,000.

(thank you to the reader for sending this in!)


PRICE DROP #5 - 226 Riverside Drive - SWANSEA

PRICE DROP #5 - 226 Riverside Drive - SWANSEA

UPDATE - 160 Glen Cedar Road - CEDARVALE

UPDATE - 160 Glen Cedar Road - CEDARVALE