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SOLD - 54 Avonlea Boulevard - CRESCENT TOWN

SOLD - 54 Avonlea Boulevard - CRESCENT TOWN

This is a good looking house.

It's a 2+1 bedroom, 2 bathroom detached house on a 22.67 x 74.83 foot lot at 54 Avonlea Boulevard.

And though I am sure there are some people who will disagree, compared to the neighbours...

I think that cedar (and paint) makes such a huge difference to how this house looks.

I just like it so much more than the white siding (though they are all actually really good looking houses).

Though I don't know a lot about this neighbourhood, I do like this house.

There is stuff in this house so I don't think it is staged.  But it looks so good that it could be staged.  I'm thinking that red kettle, rug, and bowl in the kitchen are staging material though.

That looks really staged.

Otherwise, this is a great house with a detached garage and a tidy, though small, backyard.


My favourite part of this whole listing was the music during the virtual tour...

"Allegro de Otoño" by Baby Genius...


This house was listed at $629,000.

It look 29 days, but this house finally sold...

For $607,500.


171 Willow Avenue - BEACHES

171 Willow Avenue - BEACHES

SOLD - 2 Grandview Avenue - RIVERDALE

SOLD - 2 Grandview Avenue - RIVERDALE