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Top 5 Most Visited MASH Posts of 2014

Thanks to everyone for another great year in Real Estate Gossip!  

Like last year, I am listing the top 5 posts from 2014...

But this year I am doing it the other way with the number one read post at the bottom.

Thanks to everyone for reading!  

5.  375 Shaw Street - LITTLE ITALY

The house with the pool in the kitchen (yes, IN the kitchen) that sold for $1,400,000.

4.  266 Withrow Avenue - RIVERDALE

The house I thought was going to go over $2 million, but ended up selling for $1,935,000.

3.  SOLD - 11 Melbourne Avenue - PARKDALE

The semi that had some great carpets and furniture and sold for $1,008,000 (thanks Lindsay!).

2.  SOLD - 55 Berkshire Avenue - LESLIEVILLE

The house that I thought wasn't a bad deal at $604,000....until a reader pointed out that it was a semi.

1.  SOLD - 145 Galley Avenue - RONCESVALLES


house that sold for $803,649, was gutted and flipped and now looks like this...

And still isn't selling after a drop from $1,499,000 to $1,399,000.

AND IT WENT FOR - 171 Willow Avenue - BEACHES

AND IT WENT FOR - 171 Willow Avenue - BEACHES

11 Admiral Road - ANNEX

11 Admiral Road - ANNEX