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310 Glen Road - ROSEDALE

310 Glen Road - ROSEDALE

This is a 4 bedroom, 4 bathroom semi on a 20.4 x 121 foot lot at 310 Glen Road in North Rosedale.

It is located a few doors down from the Cornish Flipper house at 324 Glen Road...

A house that I thought would sell for about $1,565,000, but sold for $1,599,000 in the spring.

That house had been gutted and was completely up-to-date.

Though this is a great house, it isn't as 'up-to-date', but it still looks great.

Because of these empty boxes...

And the mix of this...

 With this...

I'm thinking there was a LOT of staging happening here.  But it looks great.

This is a move in ready house that might have a different style to 324 Glen Road, but it is a well laid out house (even though it is full of angles) and it has parking, 

The asking price is $1,499,000.

This won't sit for long.

That staging is going to help...

And so is the fact that they got rid of this beige paint...

498 Markham Street - PALMERSTON

498 Markham Street - PALMERSTON

48 Langley Avenue - RIVERDALE

48 Langley Avenue - RIVERDALE