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64 Arlington Avenue - WYCHWOOD/HILLCREST

64 Arlington Avenue - WYCHWOOD/HILLCREST

When I first saw this 4 bedroom, 4 bathroom house on a 28 x 124.5 foot lot at 64 Arlington Avenue in Wychwood/Hillcrest..

The first thing I thought about was the house at 54 Dupont Street...

But because this house was such a mess before with brick that didn't blend in...

This house has a bunch of sheets of plywood on the second floor surrounding the windows.  

I'm not into that, at least the way they have done it.

But this is a HUGE improvement.

It is another flip done by the Cornish Flippers (aka Lionfish Developments).

Like their other flips, I really like this one.  I love the floors.  Not sure I like that fireplace (even though it's a thing now).  I'm on the fence about the glass wall and railings (but I suppose their wasn't a salvagable original railing).  And I am not sure I love the black framed sliding doors (but those could be painted).

But otherwise, this is a great house with lots of bedrooms, brand new plumbing, electrical, windows....basically new everything except new brick at the front of the house.

It was listed in February for $699,000.  I am not sure what it sold for but I am guessing it was probably high 7s or low 8s...maybe more.

It is now listed at $1,599,000.

The Cornish Flippers' last flip at 324 Glen Road was a smaller 4 bedroom semi.  It sold for $1,599,000.

And for a thirtysomething buyer...

This could arguably be a more appealing neighbourhood.

Plus, this house is detached with a garage.

Though I think the asking price is probably the right price, houses that have all this to offer don't come up in this neighbourhood very often.

Not to mention that there is at least one buyer out there who lost out on 21 Biggar Avenue that sold for $1,751,000.

So, even though that house was bigger (not making a joke), I'm thinking this will go over...

 And probably closer to $1,685,000.

P.S.  This is Brad Pitt's best performance...

PRICE DROP #4 - 52 Heath Street East - DEER PARK

PRICE DROP #4 - 52 Heath Street East - DEER PARK