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78 Farnham Avenue - YONGE AND ST. CLAIR

78 Farnham Avenue - YONGE AND ST. CLAIR

Unless this house sold sometime in the last 4 1/2 years (which I am not certain it has)...

This 5 bedroom, 3 bathroom house on a 37 x 132 foot lot at 78 Farnham Avenue has been listed for ages.

Here is the price history via Guava.ca:

August 2011           $1,895,000

February 2012        $2,179,000

April 2012              $1,995,000

April 2014              $2,490,000

June 2014               $2,390,000

September 2014     $2,295,000

October 2014          $2,195,000

So...it looks like it may have sold in April 2012, but considering that a reader emailed me about it in May 2012 saying it was still on the market, I'm thinking it didn't sell.

And as another reader asked me this past fall, why hasn't it been selling?

Well, it's a great house with great bones.  I just think that though it is more than okay and comletely move right in, for a $2+ million house, there are too many dated aspects with too many walls and doorways...

And there are only 3 bathrooms.

Plus, it doesn't really seem very functional for a family with little kids. 

But it could be with some work.  And once that is done, this could definitely be a $2,500,000 house.

Which makes me think that the new asking price might be the one for this house.


The asking price for this house is now...


It might be still be a little high.


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