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79 Markham Street - TRINITY-BELLWOODS

79 Markham Street - TRINITY-BELLWOODS

This house....

I don't know...

Not the listing.  The listing isn't sketchy.

But that tarp on this 25 x 67.25 foot property seems sketchy.

And when you google '79 Markham Street' you will see why.

According to a CBC article...

A fire on Sept. 21, 2013, caused $100,000 in property damage, prompting the owner, Haoneng Liu, to tear down the remaining structure and rebuild it, Capt. Ratushniak said.

Two days before that, Mr. Liu had bought the house for $550,000.

Then in December 2014...

Two months after this Committee of Adjustment report was appoved (I think that is what that is) for a demo of this house  with a new 3-storey house plan...

According to this Toronto Star article...

Workers renovating a Markham St. home arrived Monday morning to find two large plastic buckets — one on the main floor, one upstairs — each containing a chemical liquid and a submerged barbecue-like element connected to a timer and plugged into a wall, according to Toronto Fire Services.


According to this Globe and Mail article from January 2015...

There was ANOTHER fire at this house.



Just a little sketchy.

Or just bad luck.

Either way, this might be a tough sell.

It is listed at $759,900.


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