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PRICE DROP - 75 South Drive - ROSEDALE

This is a 5 bedroom, 6 bathroom house on a 49.18 x 184.14 foot lot at 75 South Drive in South Rosedale.

I first posted it in February 2013 when it was listed at $6,250,000.

It was a rebuild that, though a great house on the inside, looked a little lopsided at the front.  But it was listed higher than what the house at 18 Chestnut Park Road...

That was in an arguably better location and sold for 98% of its $5,995,000 ask.

I thought it was going to sit.  It didn't.

This house sold the next day for $6,000,000.

Almost 2 years later and it was on the market again...

For $6,495,000.

It hasn't sold and the price has been dropped...

To $6,250,000.


22 Cottingham Road - SOUTH HILL

PRICE DROP - 46 Gibson Avenue - SUMMERHILL

PRICE DROP - 46 Gibson Avenue - SUMMERHILL