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192 Parkmount Road - GREENWOOD-COXWELL

This is a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom semi on a 17.58 x 100 foot lot at 192 Parkmount Road in the Greenwood-Coxwell neighbourhood.

And the first thing I thought of when I saw the inside was of the house that I posted last week at 93 Glenmore Road in Woodbine...

Both have exposed brick on the inside that I am normally not so crazy about, but in both of these houses, I really like it.  

And I really like the exposed beam with the brick.  It's just too bad Glenmore didn't keep the old fireplace like in this house.  I prefer this a lot more.

This house is bright with what looks like all new windows.  The kitchen is good and I like the white appliances, just not so much the electrical buner or the fridge being exposed.   

Perhaps some built-ins beside the fridge to mirror the ones where the desk is...

Would help to hide the fridge.  But it could close off the kitchen a little too though.

Upstairs, the rooms are big and bright and I love how they have raised the ceilings with beams to match the first floor.

The bathroom is good and the basement is good (I think the stairs are in the kitchen beside the chalkboard wall).

Plus, there is a good deck (but with pea gravel and not grass)

And even though there is no parking, that doesn't seem to be an issue on this street despite the proximity to the Danforth.

It is listed at $669,900.

Considering Glenmore sold for $803,000 in a very close neighbourhood, but to date, a slightly less expensive neighbourhood...

And considering the small 2 bedroom flip on the 12.5 foot lot at 288 Rhodes Avenue...

Sold for $635,000...

Even without parking...

I think this place could sell for $825,000.

It shows really well.


PRICE DROP - 46 Nanton Avenue - ROSEDALE

PRICE DROP - 46 Nanton Avenue - ROSEDALE

41 Heathcote Avenue - SAINT ANDREWS

41 Heathcote Avenue - SAINT ANDREWS