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25A and 25B Givins Street - TRINITY-BELLWOODS

25A and 25B Givins Street - TRINITY-BELLWOODS

It was a good sized 4 bedroom, 4 bathroom single family house that sold 2 years ago for $1,265,000.

I loved the house.

In May 2014, the builder of that house emailed to say he had another property.  This one was located at 170A Markham Street...

And like 49 Brookfield, I really liked it.

But it wasn't a single family house.  It was a condo (?).  It was half a house spread out over 4 floors with an almost reverse mirror image home located within what looks like a single family house.

The house at 170A Markham was a 3 bedroom (really 2+1), 2 bathroom (I think) house with a 1 car garage.

It was listed at $1,279,000.

I thought it could sell higher depending on the meaning of 'condo'.  Apparently, it sold for $1,200,000.

In July, the other 'condo' at 170 Markham Street was on the market for $1,259,000.

I am not sure what that one sold for, but I don't think it was on the market for long.


There is another single property turned into a 2 condo listing on the market by the same builder, Evan Saskin.

Like the Markham property, it is a single family home (on what I am guessing is about a 15 foot lot) that used to look like this...

(not sure what it sold for)

Like Markham, it was converted into the 2 dwelling 'condo' over 4 floors thing.

Why this and not a typical dwelling split by floor?

Well, according Saskin in these minutes from the Trinity-Bellwoods Community Association...

Reason for this design is to help to gradually increase intensification.

Which I get, but I think it worked a lot better on the slightly larger lot at Markham.  Because compared to that property, these two units just seem really squished.

Here is the first floor living space in 25A...

And here is the first floor living space in 25B...


Kind of tiny.

But I really like how the house has been finished.

So, if you aren't concerned about a squishy first floor (and really, most of the time, who uses anything more than the kitchen and family room anyhow?), the fact that you don't really have a usable back yard, and you have a garage, but it is shared...

And you really want to be in this neighbourhood...

The 3 bedroom, 2+1 bathroom, 1,655 + 426 square foot condo at 25A...

 And the 2+1 bedroom, 2+1 bathroom, 1,453 + 362 square foot condo at 25B...

At an asking price of $1,150,000 and $990,000 respectively...

Isn't a bad option.

When you consider that the flipped 3 bedroom at 17 Givins Street...

Would be worth $1,090,000 after compounded interest (from its November 2013 sale price of $942,500)...

It doesn't seem sooo crazy.

But I think those first floor might be a bit of an issue and my guess is these properties likely won't sell for ask.

Otherwise, I love it.

What do you think of this 'condo' concept?  Love it or hate it?

25A listing

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25A Givins Street

25B Givins Street



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