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492 Christie Street - WYCHWOOD

492 Christie Street - WYCHWOOD

If you are okay with the location of this house on Christie Street....

And the fact that it is only 3 bedrooms...

And that the kitchen is not exactly a 'chef's kitchen'...at all...

This is a great house.

According to the listing, it was featured in the April 2015 issue of Canadian House and Home.  But it was really the owner, Chris Gamauf, who is the Senior Buyer for Holt Renfrew Menswear who was featured...

Though he is shown standing in his living room.

So, the house shows REALLY well.

But that backyard...

 That is what is selling this house.  I just couldn't figure out where the 'plunge pool' was that was mentioned in the listing, so I looked at Google earth.

And there is a good sized pool in that backyard.

And thankfully, it is on the north side of the lot because that means the house could be extended on the southwest corner for a larger kitchen (if you wanted to bother).  And perhaps an ensuite and walk-in closet could be added above in the master.

But as it is, the house is still great.

It is 3+1 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms on a 50 x 123 foot lot with a 1 car garage and 2 more parking spots.

It's just that it is on Christie....and that kitchen.

But for $1,775,000?

With that backyard (just found more photos...)?

This will sell fast.


AND IT WENT FOR - 41 Heathcote Avenue - SAINT ANDREWS

AND IT WENT FOR - 41 Heathcote Avenue - SAINT ANDREWS