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200 Douglas Drive - ROSEDALE*

200 Douglas Drive - ROSEDALE*

This is a really good looking house.

And though they don't look anything alike from the outside because this house is black and white...

This house reminds me a lot of the house that I posted last week at 95 South Drive in South Rosedale...

There is no third floor in this house, but the first floor layout is basically the same.

This house is just a lot larger and more 'up-to-date'.  

And it is laid out the way I felt the South Drive could have been laid out.  

The living room and dining room are together in the room to the right of the front hall and the kitchen, family room, and breakfast area are on the left side of the front hall. 

And this kitchen!  That is a great looking kitchen with tons of storage and counter space.  

For me, the floors are a bit dark, but it does look great in this space.  

But if you aren't into dark floors, even though they look like engineered wood, I think you can still sand them and lighten them up if you want.  Or switch it completely to white oak...

Kind of like the house I posted earlier today at 66 Spruce Hill Road...

That was also black and white on the outside.

Come to think of it, these two houses are kind of similar in style (except for the floors) with this house being a little more 'traditional'.  But look at the bathrooms.

  Here is one of the bathrooms from this house...

And here is one of the bathrooms at the Spruce Hill house...

They feel really similar to me.

And basically, just like the Spruce Hill house, I really like this house.  

It's bright with huge windows, the kitchen and bathrooms are great, the bedrooms are a good size with nice built-ins...

And the basement is finished with a LARGE wine collection...

Does that come with the house!?!

The 4 bedroom, 4 bathroom house, with a second floor family roombut a grungy basement, that had the similar layout at 75 South Drive was listed at $1,695,000.

It sold for $2,411,000.

This larger 4+1 bedroom, 4 bathroom house. with no second floor family room but with a full finished basement, on a 33.75 x 100 foot lot with 2 parking spots is listed just a little higher...

At $2,495,000.

So, I'm thinking that with the 10 buyers who lost out on South still out there and with what looks like a full top to bottom reno at this house (something that is going to at least be partially needed at South in the future, ie. the basement)...

This place could sell for $2,795,000...maybe a little more.*

Assuming it hasn't sold already.

P.S.  Brian Gluckstein may not approve of those shutters, but I think they look great.

*On second thought, I'm thinking this is a little high.  I do think it's going over, but not to $2.8.  Then again, if that South Drive house sold for $2.4 (and the basement needs work and maybe the bathrooms eventually)...

I don't know.  

That wine cellar has me distracted.


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