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59 Heath Street West - DEER PARK

59 Heath Street West - DEER PARK

This is a 4+1 bedroom, 5 bathroom house on a 36 x 167 foot lot at 59 Heath Street West in Deer Park.

It is a heritage house, assuming the request to the city went through, known as the Henry R. Duke house and it is one of the first homes built in the Deer Park neighbourhood dating back to 1883.  

And considering that it was 'redesigned' by Richard Wengle leaving the front facade, I guess the request did go through. 

A large 3 storey addition was made to the side and back.  

Here is what it looked like before...

And here it is during construction in 2014...

So, as you can see from those photos, there is a huge apartment building in the backyard.

Which might be why this house has been on the market for more than a month.

The interior is great if you are into contemporary and white oak.  

And I love that the interior shows some of the yellow brick (aka buff clay brick) that was apparently from the Blue Hill brickyards that was located mainly in what is now Ramsden Park.

The asking price...


Even though I think the house sold somewhere around $2.2 million (I think), and this is a great house for a family...


I think this will be a hard sell.

I'm thinking this will sell closer to $3.8....maybe a little less.


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