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AND IT WENT FOR - 200 Douglas Drive - ROSEDALE

AND IT WENT FOR - 200 Douglas Drive - ROSEDALE

Last week, I posted this 4+1 bedroom, 4 bathroom house on a 33.75 x 100 foot lot at 200 Douglas Drive in North Rosedale.

Some readers commented that there was no curb appeal, but I thought it was a good looking house.

Inside, it looked great.  From the looks of the interior, and from this streetview photo...

It seems to have had full gut with a dug out basement.

Though the floors were too dark for me, the house was done really well.

And considering the house with the same, but smaller, first floor at 95 South Drive in South Rosedale...

A house that was move-in ready, but could benefit from some updating in the kitchen and bathrooms, and perhaps new floors, not to mention a full basement reno...

Had just sold for $2,411,000...

I thought this house would sell for more.

It was listed at $2,499,000.

When I first posted it, I thought this house could sell for $2,795,000.

Then after realizing I may have been drunk just from looking at the photo of the basement wine cellar...

I decided that perhaps $2,8 was probably too high. 

But based on the South Drive selling price and the work that would be needed to update that house like this one...

I was thinking it could sell around $2,650,000 to $2,700,000.

It sold...

For $2,550,000.

Though the walk score may not be as good as the South Drive house and it only had a parking pad without a carport...

 This was a good buy.

276 Forest Hill Road - FOREST HILL

276 Forest Hill Road - FOREST HILL

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