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It's back.

I first listed this house in October 2013

It's 6+1 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms (the first listing said 7+1 and 10) on a 100 x 581.91 lot at 166 Crescent Road...

And it's back on the market.

It's a beautiful old house on a ravine lot in South Rosedale that had been under construction for a while after selling a few years back.

So, it had to have been a flip...

An $11,388,000 flip.

So, when I first saw the photos, I was a little trepidatious.

But as I went through the 8 photos that were available, I thought it wasn't awful.  The stair case was grand, the living room could be good if they go rid of the furniture and decorated it like 30 Rosedale Road...

But then I saw the kitchen and...

WHAT have they done with the kitchen!?!


In THIS house!?!

Thankfully, this was only a little kitchenette on the third floor.   But if this was on the third floor, what's happening with the main kitchen?

As there were no photos, we had to wait to see the main kitchen when the house was relisted at a price drop to $8,800,000 in April 2014.


THIS is the kitchen...

This kitchen?

In this house!?!  On this lot!?!?!?!

This is Teresa Giudice's kitchen...

From this house...

This kitchen does NOT belong in this house.

Just look at the fridge...

That is not a $9 million dollar fridge.

And that layout with the open dining room and the kitchen table right there...

What this place could have been...

This just doesn't make sense.

The house is now on its third agent and has had another price drop.

It's listed at $8,380,000.

Though this house could be amazing and the lot it massive...

I still think this is going to be tough.

31 Errington Avenue - MOORE PARK

31 Errington Avenue - MOORE PARK

AND IT WENT FOR - 328 and 330 Brunswick Avenue - ANNEX

AND IT WENT FOR - 328 and 330 Brunswick Avenue - ANNEX