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214 Dunvegan Road - FOREST HILL (UPDATE)

214 Dunvegan Road - FOREST HILL (UPDATE)

This is a 3+2 bedroom, 6 bathroom house on a 50 x 159.16 foot lot at 214 Dunvegan Road in Forest Hill.

According to the listing, it was built in 1997 and it's an either you love it or you hate it house.

I love it.

I especially love this painting...

And I really like it with all the neutral furniture.

Even though this is a 20 year old reno (unless they have done some updates that I am not aware of), it still looks fresh today.   The tvs and the trampoline without a net kind of give away the age of the reno, but the house still looks great.

It is listed at $3,950,000.

Because it is only a 3 bedroom house with a third floor loft (that could maybe be made into 2 more bedrooms), this might not sell right away.  

But it is a good house at a lower price for the neighbourhood that someone will probably love so I doubt it will sit for long.

And I'm thinking it will probably sell closer to $4,200,000.

UPDATE:  Thanks to the commentor below who pointed out that this house...

Was designed by Hariri Pontarini (the trees have grown a bit since then), the owners of the architect firm behind the Shangri La...

And the building at 1 Bloor Street East...

And a bunch of other buildings.

Guess they are all about the really big buildings these days.



160 Beaconsfield Avenue - BEACONSFIELD VILLAGE

160 Beaconsfield Avenue - BEACONSFIELD VILLAGE