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235 Withrow Avenue - RIVERDALE

235 Withrow Avenue - RIVERDALE

This is a good house.

It is a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom semi on an 18.67 x 100 foot lot with 1 parking spot at 235 Withrow Avenue in Riverdale.

There is a very feminine feel to the house, and while I thought at first that it was staging, once I saw the kitchen backsplash, I realized it was the house.  And it looks great.

 Some people might not like the strange 2 doors at the front, or the exposed brick.  But though I don't normally like exposed brick, I like it here.  Perhaps it's because it balances out aspects like the sparkly backsplash (but the listing says it is marble so maybe it isn't that sparkly)?  

I don't know, but I like it.

The third floor is set up as a bedroom. but the master is on the second floor.  But if you are okay with the open stairs and walking downstairs to use the washroom, the master could be moved to the top floor.

The bathrooms are nice, the basement is good, the deck isn't huge but it is an okay size, and there is some grass.

It is listed at $1,100,000.

If this had a bathroom on the third floor, I would say it would go for $1,375,000.

But it's still going over ask.  Maybe closer to $1,325,000.


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