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343 1/2 Markham Street - PALMERSTON

343 1/2 Markham Street - PALMERSTON

This is a 4+1 bedroom, 5 bathroom semi on a 19.75 x 129 foot lot at 343 1/2 Markam Street in Palmerston.

Really though, it's more like a 3+1 bedroom house.  Or even 2+2.

But this is not a 4 bedroom house.

And this basement bedroom should have been storage, not a bedroom...

That layout is just strange.

And considering they redid everything in the house, I don't know why they didn't spend a little bit more to fix up the garage...

I know it's just the garage, but it looks like it has seen better days and the floor is in really rough shape.

And what is happening here...

What is with that bubbling!?!

And I wish the hadn't painted the front.  It looks so much better with the red brick...


Even though this is a good looking flip for the most part (with a lot of flip aspects that I don't love, but it isn't the worst)...

I think the $1,799,000 ask is going to be a little tough.

Just because 285 Grace Street is listed at $1,547,000 doesn't mean this should be listed for more.

P.S  Who's this?

265 Kenilworth Avenue - BEACHES

265 Kenilworth Avenue - BEACHES

AND IT WENT FOR - 10 St. Margaret's Drive - HOGG'S HOLLOW

AND IT WENT FOR - 10 St. Margaret's Drive - HOGG'S HOLLOW