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That was fast!

In December, I posted this house at 371 Parkside Drive over looking High Park in Roncesvalles (or High Park depending on who you ask).

It looked like this...

And it was a gutter.  In fact, half of it had already been 'gutted'...

Or more like it was just in really bad shape.

It was listed at the beginning of December for $859,000.

Considering the potential of this house on a 40 x 122 foot lot, I thought this would sell way over ask.

It sold the day I posted it for $1,120,000.

It has now been flipped and is back on the market.  

And though the flip is fine, it's not what I was expecting.  It's a little new build-ish.  There wasn't a lot of character to keep in this house, but they didn't keep anything (except that stained glass window). 

I don't get why they didn't keep the living room/dining room layout.  Instead, they got rid of the dining room and put in a powder room box in the middle of the first floor.  It's really awkward.

Upstairs, it's kind of hard to tell what's going on, but it does look new build-y as well.

Basically, I am not as excited as I had hoped I would be.

The inside actually kind of reminds me of the flip at 161 High Park Avenue...

That sold for $1,675,000 in November 2013 and most recently for $1,999,000 in March (with some interesting paint).

The new asking price for this house is...


This wasn't a $780,000 reno, but the price isn't crazy.

I don't think it will sit for long, but I think it will sell just under ask.


SOLD - 1 Munro Park Avenue - BEACHES

SOLD - 1 Munro Park Avenue - BEACHES

SOLD - 175 Douglas Drive - ROSEDALE

SOLD - 175 Douglas Drive - ROSEDALE