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#B - 110 Palmerston Avenue - TRINITY-BELLWOODS

#B - 110 Palmerston Avenue - TRINITY-BELLWOODS

In April, I posted a listing at 25 Givins Street...

Actually, it was 2 listings, or 2 condos over 4 floors in one building that looked like a single family house.

It was a building done by the same people who did the 2 condos in a split house thing at 170 Markham Street and 170A Markham Street...

And the single family house I loved at 49 Brookfield Street...

That sold for $1,265,000 in March 2012.

Looks like this is another one of their buildings.  And like Givins and Markham, this is a 2 condo building.

And like Givins, the main living space is tiny.

I don't get it.  That is not a big couch...

And that 4 seater table isn't exactly large...

But like all the other houses, I really like the finishes.

This is a 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom condo with 1 parking spot and $200/month condo fees.

The asking price is $1,249,000.

I am not sure what any of the previous condos sold for, but a reader did mention that 170 Markham which had a larger living space but was more like a 2+1 bedroom house sold for $1,200,000.

Did the Givins condos sell?  They were on the market for a while so I doubt they sold for their $1,150,000 and $990,000 asking prices...

But they were also 2+1 bedrooms versus the 3 bedrooms of this condo.

So, will this place sell for ask?  Probably not.

But this is definitely an interesting way to mazimize a downtown lot.  

If only they could figure out how to do it with a larger living space.


46 Forest Hill Road - FOREST HILL

46 Forest Hill Road - FOREST HILL

SOLD - 48 Manor Road West - CHAPLIN ESTATES

SOLD - 48 Manor Road West - CHAPLIN ESTATES