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295 Inglewood Drive - MOORE PARK

295 Inglewood Drive - MOORE PARK

I don't get it.  

Why hasn't this house sold?

It's a 5 bedroom, 5 bathroom house on a 46 x 130 foot lot with a 2 car garage.

It has a living room, a dining room, a large, updated kitchen, a mudroom, a large, bright family room with a fireplace, space for a table in the kitchen, good sized bedrooms, a large master bathroom with a large closet, updated bathrooms, a large basement family room, a large laundry room, and an exercise room that could be turned into another bedroom...

It's basically the same house as the one down the street at 173 Inglewood Drive...

That was listed at $2,995,000 in March and sold for $3,050,000 6 days later.

The only thing that is different is that this house is slightly smaller meaning it doesn't have an office on the second floor and the basement ceiling height looks like it is about half a foot shorter.

This house was first listed in June for $3,095,000.

It hasn't sold and the price was dropped last week to $2,975,000.

I prefer this kitchen (plus, it looks like an amazing party kitchen) and it is a lot brighter.  And the location isn't as close to Mount Pleasant.

Sure, this house isn't as 'grand-ish' (that's the only word I could think of) feeling as the other house, and the master is a little cold without a carpet and colour...

But, though I liked the house at 173, I just like the brightness of this one more.

So...I don't get it.

It's now listed at $2,975,000...

Who knows.  Maybe it will sell tonight for $3,015,000.  


510 Brunswick Avenue - ANNEX

510 Brunswick Avenue - ANNEX

399 Pine Avenue - OAKVILLE

399 Pine Avenue - OAKVILLE