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mishMASH - 5211 Tenth Line - ERIN, ONTARIO

mishMASH - 5211 Tenth Line - ERIN, ONTARIO

This house is a 5 bedroom, 6 bathroom house on 93 acres of land at 5211 Tenth Line in Erin, Ontario.

If this is your style with the concrete floors and black kitchen, this house is great.  The Dopfner windows are amazing.  The rooms are a good size (perhaps with some storage issues in the kids' rooms?).  The basement is bright and large enough that the kids can play hockey on the floor.

Basically, it is a great house.

And it's located down the street from the 4 bedroom, 4+2 bathroom, 6,315 square foot farmhouse on 50 acres at 5650 Tenth Line...

Which a great house, just in traditional yet comfortable style.  

The asking price for that house was $3,895,000.  It had previously been listed in 2013 for $4,350,000.

In June, the price was dropped to $3,695,000.  It is still on the market.

Like that house, this isn't the first time this house has been on the market.

In September 2011, this house was the Globe and Mail Home of the Week.

According to that article, the house was designed by Toronto based Natale and Scott Architects who worked with Bill DeGroot of Orangeville Carpentry Ltd..

The asking price was $3,700,000 and it was for sale by the owner, Robin Ward (who is now apparently the North American sales rep for Concord based Sterling Windows, the North American distributor of Lofner windows).  

But again, almost $4 million?

I love the house (even with the pea gravel), but that seems a little high.  In 2013, it was on the market again (but I am not sure at what price).

It never sold and four years later after it was initially listed, it is on the market again...

For $2,999,900.

That is a much better price.

But is someone going to pay $3 million when this is the storage system in the kitchen...

Well...that does look like a blue Le Creuset in there...

So maybe.

SOLD - 115 Garden Avenue - RONCESVALLES

SOLD - 115 Garden Avenue - RONCESVALLES

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