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#57 - 39 Tecumseth Street North - NIAGARA

#57 - 39 Tecumseth Street North - NIAGARA

When I saw the listing for this 2+1 bedroom, 2 bathroom town house condo, the first thing that came to mind was the similar looking condo at 112D Morse Street in Leslieville...

They are kind of similar looking on the outside, but on the inside they are a little different. 

This place is smaller and has had a recent reno to update it.  The door handles are new, the floors are new, the glass railing is new.

According to the listing...

'Nearly $100K was spent throughout'

And if this is your style, they did a good job.

Some people might not like that the first floor seems to have been made smaller by adding that bathroom in kind of a weird place.  But that area would be good storage for bikes or strollers, or just an entryway away from the living space.

The kitchen is great but I would prefer it if the sink faced the tv.

The living room area is a good size and would be even bigger without the fishtank.  

The bedrooms are a good size and this toy is amazing (but I don't think that is being sold with the house)...

The bathroom doesn't have a bathtub which could be a problem with little kids but it is new.

And the loft in the master could be a lot of things like an office, another tv area, a music room like it is now, or a full closet.

The asking price is $625,000.

Which seems really low until you consider the condo fees.

The monthly fees for this town house are $933.62/month.  But you do get a playground...

A pool...

And 4 barbeques...

Not to mention that it looks like this place even has a backyard...

So, is $12,000 a year a deal breaker?

I don't think so, and I think this will sell over asking.  Maybe even closer to $725,000.

P.S.  Nice 3 Sprouts bin...

19 Edgewood Crescent - ROSEDALE

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