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PRICE DROP - 92 Langley Avenue - RIVERDALE

Five days ago, I posted this 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house on a 26 x 120 foot lot at 92 Langley Avenue in Riverdale.

It was a detached house that reminded me a lot of the house at 31 Harcourt Avenue without the black paint...

Basically they were the same house, but with very different interiors.

The house at Harcourt was a fully redone, 5 bedroom house with the top 2 bedrooms being a little creepy but still fine.  This house had the master on the third floor with an addition that squared off the roof at the back.

But this house was dated with glass brick walls between the bathroom and the 2 bedrooms on the second floor...

(thanks to the reader for pointing that out!)

And it was only 3 bedrooms.

So...when I saw the price of...



Yeah. No.

Three days ago, the house at 31 Harcourt sold for $1,675,000.

This house has now had a price drop.   The new price is...


Not bad...

But it's going to need another drop.


14 Sparkhall Avenue - RIVERDALE

14 Sparkhall Avenue - RIVERDALE

19 Edgewood Crescent - ROSEDALE

19 Edgewood Crescent - ROSEDALE