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36 Lowther Avenue - ANNEX

36 Lowther Avenue - ANNEX

This is a 4 bedroom, 4 bathroom house on a 61 x 138.25 foot lot at 36 Lowther Avenue in the Annex.

And if the listing didn't say this house was owned by an artist, I would have thought that this was the home of Iris Apfel...

Okay, sort of.

But the living room of this house...

Is giving me a serious Iris Apfel in Architectural Digest type feel...

 But she doesn't live in Toronto.  

According to this article from the Guardian written about Apfel, she lives between New York and Palm Beach.

If you don't know who Apfel is, she was a decorator and textile designer for most of her life, co-founding and running textile firm Old World Weavers with her late husband, Carl Apfel, until 1992.

She was also responsible for the White House restrations for nine Presidents, included Kennedy.

Here is a trailer of the movie named 'Iris' that was released this spring where Carl and Iris talk about Jackie Kennedy...

As you see, she is kind of quirky.

And the rest of this house is just as quirky as that living room.

This is one of the bedrooms...

There is a giant pair of scissors...

And an elephant  in the backyard...

But if quirky isn't your thing, this house could easily look very traditional with some paint and traditional furniture.

According to the listing, this house is 'The Queen of Lowther' and it is on the market for the first time in 30 years.

The asking price is...


That might be a little high.


* Updated to add floorplans.

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