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mishMASH - 7060 Prescott Street - VANCOUVER

mishMASH - 7060 Prescott Street - VANCOUVER

The other day, I got the recent issue of Canadian House and Home in the mail. I quickly flipped through it...

And I wondered (but was kind of kidding) which of the 3 houses featured in 'The Colours of Christmas' story was about to be put on the market.


It seems like ever couple of months, I am posting a house that is for sale that was recently featured in the magazine.

This month, I thought it was going to be the Rosemont, Ontario farm...

(sorry it's crooked, I'm not very good at scanning)

Then yesterday, I was on an instagram account called Luxury_Listings that posts properties from all over the world.  The most recent photo was of a house in Vancouver,  so of course I looked at the listing.

And right away, I noticed the backsplash and the vent hood in the kitchen...

It was the same backsplash and vent hood that was in the kitchen of one of the houses in the most recent issue of Canadian House and Home...

But not the Ontario one.

(Why is it that this house is giving me a Princess Margaret Showhome feel?)

It's a beautiful house overall that was designed by Effie Genovese, one of the National Post's 'Worthy 30' from 2012...

 But the floor plan...

I don't get that upstairs bathroom situation.  It's weird, right?

Why not put the laundry where the washroom is, put the closet where the ensuite is, move the master bath to the w.i.c, then have a bathroom in each bedroom, or at least one to share in the rooms to the left and an ensuite for the other room?

It's weird.

But if that doesn't bother you and you love the Southland neighbourhood of Vancouver, then maybe this is for you.

I'm just not sure about the $8,998,000 asking price.  It's kind of steep.

And now I'm wondering...

When did House and Home become a glorified listings brochure (maybe it always was?)?

And how long until that Ontario farmhouse is on the market?  


SOLD - 16 Hazel Avenue - BEACHES

SOLD - 16 Hazel Avenue - BEACHES

PRICE DROP - 59R Admiral Road - ANNEX

PRICE DROP - 59R Admiral Road - ANNEX