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119 Jones Avenue - LESLIEVILLE

119 Jones Avenue - LESLIEVILLE

This is a 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom semi on a 16.17 x 100 foot lot at 119 Jones Avenue just south of Dundas in Leslieville.

It is a former TCH house that sold in 2014 probably somewhere around $530,000 (considering the revenue was $502,287).

Here is what it looked like before...

It is clearly a flip.

And if it wasn't obvious already, it has also been staged and they still have the tag on the furniture...

(does that mean they are returning it all?)

As far as a flip goes, it's not bad.  The groovy floors are not my favourite and there are too many 'trends' like the wood wall...

 The faux brick wall...

And the forest wallpaper...

But the brick could easily be painted white and the wood removed.

And if you are okay with the porcelain tile made to look like marble in the master bath, then this is a solid house with a good sized backyard (unfortunately with no grass).

There is just no parking.  And it's kind of a busy street.

Which is probably why it has been on the market for almost 2 months.

The asking price is $899,000.

I think if they had started at $799,000, they probably would have got about $835,000 a month ago.

But $900,000 with no parking?  It's a little high.

Maybe they should get rid of that 'family room' and create another bedroom as well...

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