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143 Roxborough Street West - SUMMERHILL

143 Roxborough Street West - SUMMERHILL

This is a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment with 1 parking spot at 143 Roxborough Street West in Summerhill.

If it looks familiar, it's because

I posted it in October 2013 when the listing photo looked like this...

Which kind of makes sense since this apartment is located on the second floor.

And according to that last listing, it is 1330 square feet and this is the floor plan...

In October 2013, it was listed at $769,000.  Because it is in a high demand neighbourhood, it sold over ask for $775,000.

A week after that sale, the neighbour at 141 Roxborough Street West was listed at $865,000.  It sold $60,000 higher than the neighbour for $845,000 (kind of like the condo on the other side of Yonge that I posted last week).

Then just a year later in November 2014, 141 Roxoborough was on the market again for $899,000 (though I am not sure what it sold for).

Now, another year later, this apartment is on the market...

For $895,000.

With $1,017.60 monthly condo fees, that might be a bit high...

But there is Pellegrino...


119 Jones Avenue - LESLIEVILLE

119 Jones Avenue - LESLIEVILLE