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AND IT WENT FOR - 365 Adelaide Street East - MOSS PARK

AND IT WENT FOR - 365 Adelaide Street East - MOSS PARK

At the end of October, I posted

the sale of a semi at 363 Adelaide Street East

 at the corner of Adelaide and Sherbourne.

It was a 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom house that was located beside

this 3+1 bedroom, 5 bathroom house at 365 Adelaide Street East that I posted in February 2014.

It used to be the property that was the location of the home built in 1798 by William Jarvis that was also called 'Jarvis House'.  After a series of owners, it was sold to Paul Bishop, a blacksmith who built Toronto's first horse-drawn taxi cab...

As commissioned by Thornton Blackburn, the man who introduced taxis to the city, and also named the company 'The City'.

The current building as it is sits on top of the foundations of the Jarvis House and was designated as

a Heritage building in 1998.

The only photos for the property at the time of the initial listing on February 2014 were of the exterior...

And this...

That's really helpful.

It was listed at $1,950,000.

It didn't sell.

Almost 2 years later at the beginning of October, more photos were added (see below) and the price was dropped to $1,499,000.

Then a few weeks after that, the neighbour at 363 Adelaide Street West was listed at $1,649,000.  It sold in 5 days for $1,479,000.

Two weeks ago, and 6 weeks after the sale of 363, this house finally sold...

For $1,500,000.


So, if this was bought by the same person and is becoming condos with the facade of the first 2 floors remaining the same (can that happen?)...

$3 million for this property in this location seems like a pretty good deal.

Speaking of taxis...

Considering this might be a saucy week for some...

Make sure to take a cab!

Just make sure you remember your address...

SOLD - 46 Castlefield Avenue - LYTTON PARK

SOLD - 46 Castlefield Avenue - LYTTON PARK