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mishMASH - 660 Côte Angèle - MONTEBELLO, QUEBEC

mishMASH - 660 Côte Angèle - MONTEBELLO, QUEBEC

This is an 8 bedroom, 4 bathroom chateau at 660 Côte Angèle in Montebello, Quebec that was built in 1947 by an architect from Montreal for a family from Belgium.

It is almost 8,000 square feet of living space and it is located on 105 acres of land.

It has its own chapel called Notre-Dame de Valemont...

That is apparently a replica of

Notre-Dame de Moulineau of Ghlin in Belgium...

Even though the house was built in 1947, it has an updated kitchen with amazing floors...

Unfortunately, that is the only room with those floors.  There are actually about 4 different types of hardwood in this house which I guess is due to updates through the years.  They are all fine, just different.

If you are okay with the floors and that this is an 8 bedroom house with only 4 bathrooms...

And the location being outside of a small town between Ottawa and Montreal on the north side of the Ottawa River...

Considering this would probably be listed somewhere around $16,000,000 if it were located closer to Toronto...

Then the asking price of $2,495,000 seems like a bargain.

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