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SOLD - 58 Seymour Avenue - THE POCKET

SOLD - 58 Seymour Avenue - THE POCKET

This is a 3+1 bedroom, 2 bathroom detached house on a 20 x 101 foot lot at 58 Seymour Avenue in The Pocket.

It's located across the street from the house that I posted in February 2014 at 65 Seymour Avenue...

The house that backed onto the TTC yard...

It wasn't a super exciting house, but it was new and move right in.

It sold for $980,000.

This house was also move right in with what looks like a recent reno.  This is what it looked like in 2007...

For the most part, I like what they did.  But that island takes up a lot of space and there seems to be more than enough room between the island and the stove behind it.  Maybe it's just the angle.

I also don't love the shower curtain in the bathroom upstairs and would prefer a glass wall or something between the tub and the toilet.

And I have no idea what is going on here with that cord...

Otherwise, it's a good house with a good sized yard, a large kitchen, a finished basement, but apparently no parking.

It was listed at $939,900.

Considering the house across the street sold for $980,000 2 years ago and that hosue backed onto the subway yard, I would have thought this was the right price.

Not to mention that it had Pellegrino...

AND Perrier...

I would have thought that the asking price was probably even a little low.

It wasn't.  It took 10 days for this house to sell and the final price was...



SOLD - 4 Thora Avenue - OAKRIDGE

SOLD - 4 Thora Avenue - OAKRIDGE

24 Addington Avenue - LANSING

24 Addington Avenue - LANSING