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103 Poplar Plains Road - SOUTH HILL

103 Poplar Plains Road - SOUTH HILL

WARNING:  There are LOT of photos for this house.  But I included most of them because this is kind of a crazy house.  

If you have ever driven up Poplar Plains Road, you might be surprised to know that this huge 16,000 square foot, 7 bedroom, 10 bathroom house existed because it is up a drive and hidden from the street...

It is kind of an incredible house.

It is very traditional, but it is beautiful.  And the floor plans are amazing...

The master suite takes up almost half of the second floor AND more than half of the second floors. 

It's nuts.

According to a report that was done by a real estate brokerage in 1996, at the time, this house was owned by Andre Desmarais, a man whose family is listed as the 7th richest family in Canada, and France Chretien Desmarais, the daughter of former Prime Minister Jean Chretien...

But according to Wikipedia, they live full time in Montreal so they may not live here anymore.  

Or maybe this is just their Toronto house.

Whether it is the home of the Desmarais family or not, the people that live here are really into art, leopard print anything, movies...

And Sinbad...

And is this a massive painting of Jim Morrison...

Who is that?

The asking price for this house is $16,500,000.


If you are in the market for a $16 million dollar house...

Are you going with this one?

Or the house at 120 Inglewood Drive that is listed at $16,900,000?

And was recently featured on WDish.

For me, it is this house HANDS DOWN.  

And I'll take the furniture too.  Even though it isn't my style at all, it just kind of goes with the house.


(thanks to the reader who sent this in!)

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