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20 Garden Avenue - RONCESVALLES

20 Garden Avenue - RONCESVALLES

This is a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom detached house on a 27 x 127 foot lot with 3 parking spots at 20 Garden Avenue in Roncesvalles.

When I first saw it, I immediately thought of the house at

705 Richmond Street West in Niagara


Both are small bungalows at the front with multi storey extensions at the back.  But this house is only considered 1 1/2 storeys where the Richmond house was 3 storeys.

And this house isn't as 'new'.

As it is, it's a good move in ready house, but the floors on the first floor look a little tired and the first floor has a strange floor plan.  And even though there are 3 bedrooms, this house is more for a single person or a couple (plus there is no bathtub).

But with a 2 storey extension at the back to square it off and add more bedrooms and a finished basement, this place could be amazing.

It is listed at $899,000.

A 2 or 3 storey extension with a new kitchen and a basement reno would probably cost about $400,000 (guesstimate).  So, is this a $1.3 house with more bedrooms, an updated kitchen and bathrooms, a full basement, and a better floor plan?

Yes, if the reno is done right with a better flow and lots of windows at the back.  Plus, it's on a good lot.

This place will probably sell closer to $913,000...maybe a little more.


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